Revive's Services 

Home carpeting goes through a lot. Children, spills, and pets are the common culprits for dirtying your home carpet. No matter what your carpet goes through we can give your home carpeting new life.


Revive uses the carpet manufacturer’s recommended method of steam and extraction cleaning. This method removes the tough stains and keeps high traffic areas of your carpet from showing a pattern. We use water-based soaps and rinses which are safe for the entire family including your furry friends. Our carpet cleaning professionals are very efficient and thorough with their work. Each room takes about 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the room and how stained the carpet is, and the floors can be walked on immediately!


Our floor cleaning professionals are happy to move around furniture that can be moved with two people such as sofas, chairs, coffee, tables, etc. We ask that if you want the carpet cleaned under large items like beds, entertainment centers or anything breakable, that they are moved prior to us arriving.

Layers of dirt and filth collect on your tile floors and your grout becomes darker and darker over time as foot traffic comes through. It is recommended that your home tile flooring and grout be professionally cleaned every year so that over soiling doesn’t occur. Businesses should look into having their tile cleaned more often depending on foot traffic and how quickly grime builds up on their floors. Revive has the cleaning tools and expertise to get your tile flooring and grout looking good as new!

To properly clean your tile and grout to the fullest extent, Revive’s tile cleaning team first treats the area/room with their pre-spray treatment. This spray soaks on the floor and loosens up the dirt and grime that have settled on your tile floors. Once the pre-spray has soaked, our team will scrub and agitate the floor with a hand tool or electric agitator depending on the size of the job. This agitation and scrubbing lifts and removes the dirt from the tile and grout. Finally, once all of the dirt has been scrubbed from the floor, our tile cleaning team finishes the job by extracting the dirt from the floor with our steam treatment. This steam extraction lifts all of the filth from the ground and leaves your tile flooring shining like new.

The furniture in your house sees a lot of use. You eat on them, pets get on them and children may use your furniture as their personal canvas for their next drawing. If you have a nasty stain that won’t come out of your upholstery, or simply need to give it new life after years of use, Revive’s Upholstery Cleaning team have to tools and expertise for the job.

Do not put your home couch cushions through the washing machine and risk ruining them forever. Our methods are built to maintain your upholstery and extend its life.


Revive’s Upholstery Cleaning Method is very similar to the carpet cleaning method. We always use the manufacturer’s recommended method of cleaning whatever fabric is on your home furnishings. We first agitate the dirt to loosen it from the fabric, then our upholstery cleaning tools lift the dirt away from the fabric. This method is safe for your furniture and all of the soaps and cleaning materials we use are safe for your family and pets!

Like carpet and tile, wood floors take tons of abuse. The protective sealer wears down over time. Mopping helps but is not enough to keep your floors clean and protected. Dirt and other particles seep into the wood and the spaces between. Revive can extract the unwanted buildup and apply a sealer that will give your wood floors new life!


Our process begins with a wood floor pre-spray cleaner that is agitated with a soft-bristled auto scrubber. We follow this up with a low volume/low heat water extraction. After the extraction, we finish up the cleaning process with an alcohol-based neutralizer. Once the floors dry completely, we finish with a semi-gloss sealer that gives your wood floors that new look again and adds the protection that it needs.

The outside of your home or business is the first thing people see when they arrive. If time and the elements have beaten it down, it might not be the impression you want. Do not fret, Revive is here to save the day!  Like our other services, we pride ourselves in doing a thorough job every time.


Our equipment runs water at 4000 psi at 275 degrees! It can get just about anything off your walkway or driveways. Coming soon we will be adding structures to the repertoire , but for now we are only capable of things on the ground, fences (brick, concrete or wood), columns, etc. 

If you are unsure we can help you, please give us a call and we can figure it out together. 

There is nothing prettier than freshly waxed VCT Floors assuming it is done correctly. If all the old wax is not removed, the old wax is not removed from the baseboards, or not enough coats of new wax are applied, it can be disastrous and leave you with an ugly eyesore. 


At Revive, we pride ourselves on going through all the necessary steps to leave you with shining, beautiful floors. Even if that means getting on our hands and knees. 

There are three ways in which to clean VCT flooring depending on its condition. Strip/Wax is the process of taking all the old wax up and starting fresh with new wax. Scrub/Wax is the process of cleaning existing wax and reapplying new layers of protection. And finally, Buffing is the process of shining up existing wax with a high speed buffer. This is a maintenance step for well conditioned floors. 

Serving the Little Rock and Central Arkansas Area

Revive Carpet Cleaning is proud to provide carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service for the following cities: 

  • Little Rock

  • North Little Rock

  • Maumelle

  • Sherwood

  • Jacksonville

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